Record Store Day 2017 Is Just 4 Weeks Away!

record-store-day-2017-rsd2017-gerosa-recordsHey guys. Record Store Day is a little over 4 weeks away now(Saturday 4/22)

We’ve been getting lots of calls with questions so here’s a quick rundown

We’ll be opening up at 9 AM on the big day

All releases are first come first serve. We can’t put anything aside or take orders over the phone. Sorry, those are the rules

We have no idea what we’re getting yet. We order what we can but due to how limited the releases are they send us what they send us

As always we’ll have a list of the releases we get in the night before RSD(Friday 4/21). It will be on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course, right here at

We’ll have more updates as the big day gets closer. Hope to see everyone here!

Thousands Of Jazz LP’s For Sale

jazz-vinyl-lps-gerosa-recordsJazz collectors! Looking to add to your collection? Maybe rediscover an old favorite? Swing by the store and take a look at our Jazz Section. We’ve got thousands of titles jazz-vinyl-gerosa-recordsranging the decades. Rare and common, new and used.¬†And on top of that, a section of $1 jazz LP’s. We’re confident we’ve got the selection capable of satisfying the jazz lover in you!