Record Store Day 2018

record-store-day-2018-rsd-music-vinyl-gerosa-recordsRecord Store Day 2018 is almost here again! It’s a little over a month from now(4/21). We’re getting prepped for the big day but I’m going to give you as much info as I can right now

We’ll be open 8 AM to 8 PM

The List is huge this year. We ordered a little bit of everything and expect to get a lot but, as always, due to how limited things are they send us what they send us. We WILL however have a list of what releases we get in the night before(4/20) on our Facebook, Twitter and here on the website.

We’ll be teaming up with our friends at Chihuahua’s Deli  again to come up with great breakfast and lunch items for hungry vinyl shoppers. We’re working on something special this year. Stay tuned!
We’ll have a lot more updates available on our Facebook page as the big day gets closer so be sure to check us out there and maybe give us a like!

Lots more info to come! Stay tuned!gerosa-records-chihuahuas-deli-chihuahua-vinyl-music-sandwiches-record-store-day


Vintage High End Audio at Gerosa Records

technics-sl1200-mk2-vinyl-music-gerosa-records-turntable-vintageEvery week we see turntables, receivers, speakers etc. walk in the door. When they do we send them off to our repair man who looks them over with a fine toothed comb and sends them back with any repairs they need. Be it belts, needles, motors or just a good scrubbing.

We see everything from the common to the more high end, like this pair that just came in. A couple of Technics SL-1200MK2’s

Give a call or stop on by to see what we have!

Love and Vinyl

gerosa-records-engagement-vinyl-weddingWe had a happy couple in here over the weekend to take their engagement photos in the store. We’ve never had anyone ask us before but we were more than happy to let them. Congrats to the happy couple!